MESH is an innovative architectural fa├žade system that dramatically improves the energy performance of buildings by integrating (a) energy generation; (b) micro-climate control, via dynamic shading and ventilation; and, (c) lighting systems. The system is customized through a parametric digital design process, which can address relevant challenges arising from the wide scale of application needs in existing building reuse and retrofit.

Unique proposition

  • State of the art technology: MESH includes the most advanced materials for mimicking the behavior of natural systems in the adaptation to climatic conditions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: cost is estimated in 300 Euro/m2, with a payback time of about 3 years in the solar belt regions. Most of the elements are low cost and can be fabricated by local O&M workshops.
  • Multifunctionality: it dynamically modulates the building shading and ventilation, while generating solar electricity, and offering highly aesthetic interactive lighting.
  • High adaptability: the servified business model will include a parametric data-driven process for the design of context-aware skin component configurations, thus it can adapt and fit to various types of buildings and climates, and impact positively the architecture of the building.